I have always loved Anenome blooms. My mother had a 1930’s painting of these gorgeous flowers, in a black and yellow Art Deco vase and I’ve wanted to paint them into a textile design for more than a year, so when I saw Wren’s flying and jumping around our apple trees, I thought they could work in the design I imagined.

The final completed painting was painted in oil paints on four separate, interlinking panels.

All Urban Camouflage activewear is created for durability and is;

  • Breathable

  • High backed for a flattering fit

  • Non-restrictive

  • Sweat-wicking

  • Comfortable

  • Heavy duty (270 gms)

  • Stretchy (17% spandex)

  • Useful - there’s an internal pocket for your phone

See size chart below for sizes.

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Made of high quality heavy weight (270 gsm) 82% polyester and 18% spandex, to give a matt finish while getting around those curves and keeping you snug.

Small: UK Size 8

Medium: UK Size 10/12

Large/ Bootylicious: UK Size 12/14

Extra Lge / Bootylicious: UK Size 14/16

urban camouflage yoga leggings size chart.jpg