I’ve always loved the climbing Clematis plant. We had a Clematis growing up the garden staircase in my childhood home in Islington. Each year, this top heavy billowing pillow of pink blooms would totally cover the twisting iron railing, the delicate flowers taking over and completely hiding the rails, with no respect for function or strength.

I created this legging design as a nod to the beautiful wide lace trousers I see each summer at parties and gatherings. The flowers take your attention away from the bits you don’t like and draw attention to the bits you do.

To be worn with trainers, on your yoga mat, or with a cashmere jumper and a pair of heels.

The design is so new that you will have one of the first 15 pairs.

All Urban Camouflage activewear is created for durability and is;

  • Breathable

  • High backed for a flattering fit

  • Non-restrictive

  • Sweat-wicking

  • Comfortable

  • Heavy duty (270 gms)

  • Stretchy (17% spandex)

  • Useful - there’s an internal pocket for your phone

See size chart below for sizes.

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