Urban Camouflage: 

A brand and an outlook on life.  

Access to nature, the outdoors and keeping healthy are the central core to our wellbeing, beauty, optimism and enjoyment of life.

There is little better than being outside, enjoying the sunshine on your own or with friends.

Urban Camouflage leggings bring the delights of nature into your wardrobe and your life, so that you can look just as beautiful all the time, regardless of where you are., 

As these pieces are good quality, we also hope that you will wear and enjoy them for a long time, so reducing your fashion footprint and making your choices that bit more sustainable.

All our designs are hand painted by Katy McIntyre Brown, our artist and textile designer.

Activewear for yoga lovers, festival goers and fashionistas alike.


The designs are reminiscent of the Art and Crafts movement and artists who saw no reason to limit their work to one medium, but instead enjoyed designing as architects, fabric designers and painters.  

Not only is our clothing high quality, bright, breathable, flexible and sophisticated; it also display designs that you won't find anywhere else.  They will bring a little slice of sunshine into your day.